EYES Spain – Team validation session

EYES Spain – Team validation session

The month of October started with the Granollers’ team validation session from 6 pm until 8 pm on the 1st of October. Both the EYES Granollers team (Virginia and Joan) and Ecoserveis (Cristina) joined forces to prepare a session that ended up using two MURALS to work on two case studies.

The case studies were on communication between the municipality and the young group of people and on semi-permanent or permanent structures to include young people’s voice and opinions on local climate planning. The case studies can be found here.

Both people from the Advisory Board and the YIT team came in addition to new faces that were interested in the process. It was clear that social media should be the way to move forward to communicate and that there are many possible ways to create a semi-permanent or permanent structure. The Granollers pilot is working on gathering the information to present it under the project WP3 and WP4 Outputs. The session was recorded, and you can find the MURAL outcomes in the pictures.

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