EYES Spain : Granollers team presentation and actions planned

EYES Spain : Granollers team presentation and actions planned

During the months of March April, May and June, despite the coronavirus
situation, the Granollers team did not stop working ! More than 10 working
sessions were held online. In this article we explain you what we did, and we will give some spoilers for an event we are organizing in November 2020 !

Ok so, as you will note this article is a little different that the previous ones.
First, we will explain who the members of the Granollers pilot are and then we will explain how the team works !

The team members are organized in four groups. Here the names per group :
– Sustainable consumption and transport ;
– Culture, education and politics ;
– Conscious eating ;
– Science and technology ;

The members of each group will present what the topics are about in one of
the three main events they will hold during autumn 2020. What’s that? The
EYES Granollers team will have a busy autumn !

On the 25 th September they will do a focus group together with members of the Advisory Board. The teams will first present what the project is about and the working groups! Then they will distribute the participants in different tables and use a world-café approach to ask participants about their ideas on recommendations for policymakers and how to include the voice of young people into climate planning.

On October the 1st , the AB-YIT team will hold the validation session and
present the project results and validate them with the participant members.
The research results will come from the survey answers carried on during early 2020 and the focus group sessions.
On early November 2020 they will celebrate the EcoFest! A Green Festival that will be run online and where webinars and talks will take place to promote sustainable values. In addition, the YIT will present to the mayor the recommendations for policymakers developed during the project lifetime.
To prepare these sessions the members met regularly in spring online to prepare it with the help of the Advisory Board and the facilitation of Sensitive Cities. We will keep you posted about the new events !

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