EYES Spain and Denmark – Online exchange between YITs

EYES Spain and Denmark – Online exchange between YITs

On May the 20 th some youth members of the EYES team in Denmark (Sønderborg) and Spain (Granollers) met online and exchanged some ideas
about two events in the respective municipalities.

The Young Intervention team in the Catalan municipality is planning to do a festival in November called Eco-Fest and they have been planning to focus it on sustainable consumption. One of the ideas is to use the festival to create awareness on the mentioned topic amid the Christmas shopping season. Having learned that last year the Danish team did a campaign on sustainable consumption, some of the members of the two teams met to exchange ideas and share knowledge.

The Danish team shared the activities they did last year, although mostly in Danish, you can see them in their Facebook webpage if you scroll down to December 2019. Some ideas that could be replicated in Granollers are the clothing exchange market or the tips for sustainable cooking. The Granollers team explained that the Eco-Fest festival is planned to include some workshops and talks on sustainable matters. They even plan a concert with local musicians and will use the festival to create awareness. The team has already started to get organized with commissions and spread the word on Instagram.

The idea of this meeting came under one online mentoring session that the Granollers team has been doing during the past months. The exchange between the two countries went really well and we thought about doing it again in the future !

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