EYES Spain – EYES Granollers publication at youth and leisure Magazine!

EYES Spain – EYES Granollers publication at youth and leisure Magazine!

Last April, three members of the Young Intervention Team talked about the EYES project in a Regional youth and leisure magazine. Helena Serra, Maria del Fum and Maliha Chohan talked in its 232 edition, which was focussed on the climate emergency. Here is what they said!

What is EYES? 

EYES is a youth empowerment project based on climate action. The young people involved have two main missions: firstly do research on why young people, the ones most vulnerable to the climate crisis, are not involved in mitigating this problem and, secondly, to create recommendations on climate and energy so that the Granollers City Council takes them into account when creating climate policies. This initiative is carried out in several cities in Europe and we have the support of a group of professionals to carry out all actions.

What role do you think young people play in the face of the climate emergency?

Today’s young people and children are the ones who will suffer most from the climate crisis and the last to be able to mitigate it. Our role is paramount. We need to put pressure on governments, look for ecological alternatives and raise awareness of our and future generations. The key is to act and not stop until we reach our goals.

What proposals do you have in mind?

We want to carry out activities such as making videos, explanatory presentations at civic and cultural centres, organize talks or debates. We are also organizing an Eco-Fest, a festival to promote sustainable activities and raise awareness of ecological alternatives to many products we use on a daily basis. We would like this festival to be a benchmark in the theme and other organizers could get ideas to create their big events.

How do you think leisure centres can help with the issue?  

Mainly talking about the subject, teaching values ​​such as sustainability and ecology and raising awareness based on habits, routine or vindictive actions of the importance and role that children have with respect to this emergency situation.

How do you think EYES can adapt to leisure centres (i.e. scouts)?

As a youth-driven project, it could be perfectly suited to any group of teenagers such as leisure and scouts centres if they are eager to seek creative and innovative solutions to combat the crisis. It is a matter of choosing a place of action, which can be your neighbourhood or town and acting in its favour in terms of sustainability, ecology, etc.

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