EYES Spain – Political influence and peace culture to support climate action

EYES Spain – Political influence and peace culture to support climate action

On 30 January 2020 the EYES Granollers pilot hosted the last training of the project under WP2. Under the title of “Political influence and peace culture to support climate action” the Municipality of Granollers invited three very different speakers to talk political influence. The first one, Carlos Cañas is the spokesman for the sectoral environmentalism of Jovent Republicà (Republican Youth), the second one Marc Grau is an International Relations student at The University of Leiden (The Hague) and the third one Jordi Pueyo is an environmental activist. The topics covered were: (1) political influence and its application in relation to the climate crisis, (2) Peace culture: initiatives to develop on a glocal scale, and what role they play to face the climate crisis and (3) How to ask to governments for urgent action against climate crisis through civilian peaceful disobedience.

The seminar workshop methodology was chosen as a good way to transmit to young people basic information about political influence and peace culture. The goals sought by this activity are to disseminate this ideas among young people.Through this activity, the EYES project wants to make sure that young people are aware of the set of actions that are being implemented by citizens and organized civil society to influence the formulation and implementation of public and private policies and programs that affect their quality of life and can effectively help them to tackle climate change.

Interestingly, at the end of the session, a debate started on whether it is more effective to act at the personal or system level. Who is to blame? It is not corporation’s responsibility? As it happens in many things in life, there is no single answer or solution, but we are sure that these young people are now ready to act at the individual and system level in a proactive and respectful manner.

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