EYES Poland – Talks about climate: global challenge requiring local action

EYES Poland – Talks about climate: global challenge requiring local action

“Talks about climate…” is the title of the first workshop for Cieszyn Youth Climate Council, which took place on Friday, 20th December 2019. The Council was set up by the city to include young residents in planning its further sustainable development and involve them in climate action. The aim of the workshop was to increase participants’ knowledge of climate change and to initiate discussions on its impact on the local situation. After few introductory presentations, participants looked for the answers to the questions :

•             Climate change: what do we know about the phenomenon? What are its impacts for Cieszyn and its citizens?

•             Carbon footprint: do we know our carbon footprint? How can we reduce it?

•             The impact of food on the climate: do we know the carbon footprint of the dishes that we eat most often? What to change in our cooking to be more climate friendly?

•             Youth for climate: how young citizens can fight for better climate – locally and globally?

Preparing for further activities, that include planning climate awareness campaign, the Council members also created the silhouettes of 3 young Cieszyn inhabitants– Michał, Sebastian and Laura, indicating their interests, hobbies, current knowledge of climate change and already undertaken pro-ecological actions. Thanks to determining their living conditions and typical behaviours, it was possible to calculate their carbon footprint using the on-line calculator. Then, using another calculator focusing on food, the participants calculated the carbon footprint for the typical “local” dish, which is a sandwich with a herring.

In the last part of the workshop the participants worked on the ideas where and how to reach the young residents of Cieszyn to educate them on climate and involve them in common pro-climate activities. Examples of good educational campaigns were also discussed and representatives of the Youth Strike for Climate shared their experience. . During the discussion, young Councillors also identified the most pressing climate-related issues, as well as negative effects of climate change which are particularly burdensome in the local context. The workshop was also attended by the experts from the Cieszyn City Hall, who listened carefully to the opinions and propositions of young residents.

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