EYES Denmark – Workshop about sustainability and engagement of youth

EYES Denmark – Workshop about sustainability and engagement of youth

On December 4 th , Sønderborg YIT attended their first workshop with their Advisory Board (AB). The purpose was for the YIT to gain knowledge on the local climate planning process and particularly in relation to the
municipal youth strategy, the sustainability strategy and the Project Zero Initiative.

The workshop included various participatory sessions. In the main session on “Sustainability”, which was led by Lene Sternsdorf, Climate Coordinator at Sønderborg Municipality, the YIT was asked to come up with suggestions how the municipality should communicate with the youth segment regarding sustainability and climate issues. Ideas such as memes, social media and influencers, role models etc. were mentioned. Further they were asked about ideas and initiatives regarding a planned local information and activity center about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and especially ideas that would attract the youth. The suggestions were many e.g. green transportations options to and around the center, interactive activities, activities about the ecosystem, climate friendly food, climate friendly concerts, different themes during the year about the SDGs and even Instagram friendly places were suggested.

This workshop will be followed by a second at the end of 22 nd aimed at further strengthening the relationship between AB and YIT and generating ideas.

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